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Acupuncturist Kristen Gordon was born and raised in Liverpool, a small town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. She played high performance sports during her childhood, which led her to attend the University of Prince Edward Island where she studied Kinesiology.

After graduating with a BSc in Kinesiology with Honours, she continued her studies in Bedford, NS at the Canadian College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine with a specialization in Cosmetic Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation. Kristen is a Registered Acupuncturist through The Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC).

During her time playing hockey, she incurred a number of concussions and got relief from a TCM practitioner through Acupuncture & TCM Ā Modalities. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Modalities she offers include: Acupuncture, Fire Cupping, Meridian Massage, and Acupressure Massage.

Kristen is a general practitioner, with a specialization in Cosmetic Acupuncture. She is excited to help new and old clients by treating and maintaining a wide variety of health conditions, such as mental health, musculoskeletal pain, digestive issues (bloating, IBS, constipation), allergies, addictions, respiratory conditions (asthma, COPD, coughs & colds), stress management, PMS, insomnia, boost immunity, tone face & reduce wrinkles, along with many other conditions.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions about different treatment modalities she offers.

Kristen looks forward to working with you and helping to maintain a healthy, energetic balance!

kristen-gordon-r. ac
kristen-gordon-r. ac